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That Make Sense

When we understand our stories, we understand ourselves. 

When we understand ourselves, we understand others.

Mo brings storytelling to audiences, congregations, classrooms, and conferencrooms. By blending folk tales with family tales Mo helps you see that we are all connected by some key human truths and that we have far more in common than we think. Reach out to book an experience. It can be performance based or a workshop experience. We will tell stories together and create opportunities to build empathy, connection, and curiousity. 

Reach out through this website or email:

You can also order the book That Makes Sense: Finding Grace in Our Stories 


Team Hugging


Mo's "That Makes Sense" program is a wonderful way to unite communities. Whether it is a workshop for a community center, library, or genealogical society, your community will be strenghtened by gathering, collecting, and sharing stories.


Jesus Christ was a storyteller. He met people where they were with parables and empathy. Understanding each other with compassion and curiosity invites His Grace into our hearts--both towards ourselves and others. 

Praying Hands
Children in Classroom


Mo has brought storytelling to schools for years. Stories create compassion and build the muscles of empathy. The "That Makes Sense" program is geared towards teachers and students, encouraging all sides to see how much our stories have in common and be open to a more compassionate and respectful view. 


Whether you are a non-profit or for profit organization, you tell stories. Understanding your own stories will help you "make sense" of the story you are trying to create through your organization. This creates more opportunities for unity and suceess.

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