"Whether sharing a personal story, a folktale, or a historical rap, Morgen has warmth and relatability that make her immediately likable on stage. She crafts her stories into tight narratives and embodies the varied characters with energy and authenticity."

Robin Schulte, Storyteller and Former President of the Florida Storytelling Association


"Morgen's work does what stories do best: it builds community across vast spaces. Where Morgen goes, there also goes friendship."

Sam Payne, National Storyteller and Host of The Apple Seed Storytelling Podcast


"Mo Reynolds is a fabulous storyteller. Her skill in weaving personal narrative seamlessly through a folk tale provides an elevation of both, in perfect blend. With an easy, somewhat self-conscious (in a fabulous way I hope she never loses) style that elicits trust and welcomes in the audience, she is at once poignant, funny, and hopelessly honest - this woman is a bright new light in storytelling. See her where you can."

Simon Brooks, National Storyteller

Notebook and Fountain Pen

Mo Reynolds

Who is this woman behind the bandana?

Some people do art.

Some people do sports.

Some people do kickboxing.

I do words. 

I am a storyteller, speaker, reader, workshop leader, (sometimes) poet, novelist (in progress), and a generally joyful wordsmith. I also hike as often as possible.

I live with my family in beautiful Northwest Montana and work to send out stories and words that create connections. I have a B.A. and M.A. in English literature, 3 kids, 1 husband, 2 dogs, and 15 chickens. I have lost count of how many books. . but I think it is just shy of enough. 

I lead storytelling workshops all over the beautiful state of Montana and have been a keynote speaker at conferences, camps, and retreats. Storytelling is everywhere. My goal is to craft story experiences that help people see their own stories in the stories of others, both in the world of folklore and the world right in front of us. That process enhances our capacity to think, read, and be humans with empathy and compassion. 

Look around, learn about my work through my blog, the podcast, and reviews. Then, let's connect and tell some stories together. 

I'll bring the bandanas.