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"Students were highly engaged, thoughtful about stories and the purpose of stories. "Miss Mo" is a master of her craft. . . (she) used the time perfectly, told a wonderful Japanese folk tale and wove it into a personal story, then scaffolded the experience setting students up to do the same with a folk/fairy tale of their own choosing (which we will continue). . . She reminded me of so many things I should be doing better as a teacher,

L. Hoke. Lincoln County High School


Mo Goes to Schools


   Mo is a dynamic storyteller with a committed passion to the art of storytelling and its potential to cultivate connection. She performs for audiences of all ages, from library carpets to the festival tents of the National Storytelling Festival. She will be a featured storyteller at the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival in 2024 and will be seen at festivals in California, Texas, Georgia, Indiana, and Minnesota in the next year. Mo leads workshops in classrooms from eager kindergartners to reluctant seniors--captivating them all with the power of story. Mo has also been in the classroom as a teacher herself, teaching high school Spanish and college writing. 

   Humans are wired for narrative. We learn better with stories, we retain more with stories, and we understand deeply with stories. Young children are captivated by stories and learning the skill of finding and sharing good stories should be the goal of every educator. Story listening and story re-telling strengthen the muscles of memory and sequencing. Beyond those valuable development skills, stories build empathy, compassion, and connection. 

   Mo is an entertaining storyteller and an effective teacher. She has led workshops about storytelling in classrooms, at festivals, and done individual coaching. This is some of the feedback from teacher workshop participants:


"My biggest takeaway is to share your stories with students so students will share theirs. . their stories are the most important."


"I learned the power of storytelling in the classroom and gained inspiration for my future classroom."


"She made me so much more excited to tell stories in my classroom."


"Wow. My idea of storytelling has completely changed in coming here today."


"I never realized how important or what storytelling was. I learned how to tell stories in my future classroom."


"I never knew the true power of a story and how it can make a difference in the classroom."

Let's bring storytelling to your school!

  I am based in Idaho have created a series of workshops that meet a wide range of Idaho ELA content standards. Go HERE to see a description of the workshops. 

Not in Idaho? Fret not! We can arrange a school visit or an online performance workshop. Just reach out and we will plan a way to tell stories together. 

Get in Touch

"Mo Reynolds is amazing.  I reached out to her and--together--we planned an opening for a unit on To Kill a Mockingbird with my 10th grade English students.  We were "good to go" until... the Spring 2020 Covid-19 Shelter Place was ordered.  Mo didn't miss a beat and she and I seamlessly transitioned our plans to remote learning.  Because of the hype of having a professional story-teller coming to class and then the fact that word travels fast, the first set of students participated and shared with their friends who then enthusiastically attended the second session.  I can't wait to work with her again this year on student narrative writing (remote, hybrid or in person)!"

Al Hammel

Whitefish High School


"Your passion for life is contagious (for all ages)--you are radiant in speech, spirit, and presence. Your phrase, “Just because I fail three times, it doesn’t mean I have to fail forever” was truly life shifting for me. Thank you. Let’s cross paths again soon. And, enjoy winter!"
Nikki R. (Whitefish High School)

From Students:

Dear Mo, I really appreciate you coming in and speaking with us. I sometimes have a hard time laughing at myself, and hearing you share an "embarrassing" time in your life and laughing about it instead of trying to hide it is inspirational to me. You are very talented with words and keeping things engaging--especially for a group of teenagers. Thank you! - Ella

Dear Mo, Thank you for telling us your stories. I really liked and appreciated how you could laugh at yourself and it was ok for us to laugh too. It was overall a really fun and engaging way to teach stories and show us how fun stories can be. - Emi

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