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Nothing happens here that doesn't happen there

"The weight of lies will bring you down

And follow you to every town 'cause

Nothing happens here that doesn't happen there

When you run make sure you run

To something and not away from 'cause

Lies don't need an aeroplane to chase you anywhere."

"Weight of Lies" The Avett Brothers

While I don't want to have to linger between life and death to get there. . . I'd really like to visit the Midnight Library. What a thing to see what would have happened if (Insert about one million things I have wished I'd done differently in my life)

The scenarios are endless for Nora, but there's one thing that is in common in all of them: Nora. As she learns that, I found myself learning it as well. This novel is like a therapy session with a storyline. It is is engaging, thought provoking, and delightful. It sprinkles some cussing in more than I'd like. . but if a polar bear was staring me down and heading my way, I'm not quite sure "gosh" is the word that would come out of my mouth either. So, no judgement Nora.

At one point Nora realizes that not all regrets are actually true. In fact, some of them are total crap. I had never ever imagined that my regrets could actually not even be true at all, that things I carrry around with shame might not have gone down the way I thought at all. And that has potential to change the whole book of my life.

The fact is, no matter where we go, there we are. It's me in my skin, in my life, in my family. I cannot rewrite the past, but the book is quite blank moving forward. Hopping into some sort of paralell multiverse option sounds very exciting, but if I've learned anything from Marvel movies--it's a tricky business, and it might make Iron Man end up dead. Nobody wants that.

So, I'll stick to this timeline. The timeline where I've yelled at my kids too much, quit too many diets, made some unfortunate hair coloring choices, stupidly gave away my Christmas dishes, and picked someone to marry that is incredibly different from I am.

Yeah, sometimes it is a tough timeline. But it is all mine. I'll stick with it and muddle along as best I can. It might be a library of only one book, but I shall do my best to write it well.

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