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Storytelling is a Circle

This was a sweet gift from one of the storytellers who attended my workshop during the Florida Storytelling Festival. The workshop was about storytelling as a circular experience, listening to the cues of the audience and trusting them as you make the story about them, not you. They were an amazing group, both humble and kind. Yesterday I received this fantastic note from another attendee:

"Just wanted to let you know that I have started a monthly storytelling night at the park here in FL where I live. Last night there were over 60 people in attendance. I told three stories and was mindful of the "story circle" from your workshop. BY FAR my best tell-to-date. Thank you so much! I felt more comfortable in the pauses if that makes any sense. I also felt more present to the listeners. I felt 'in the story with them' vs. 'telling the story to them.'"

Well, that simply made my day. Storytelling truly is a circle, and one into which I feel blessed to be drawn.

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