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Moving Differently

I'm on a yoga journey, which is wonderful and peaceful and enlightening, and also very hard. I have this terrible nagging pain in my shoulder. To lift my arms up like this took some deep breaths and very slow movements. Stil, I got it up there. My shoulder pain affects every facet of my day. Sometimes the frustration has been overwhelming. I just can't move the way I want.

I've had to move differently. But during this yoga practice, something shifted for me. I noticed that because I couldn't just sweep my arms up quickly over my head, I was having to really pull from my core, ground in my legs, and pull up from within.

That sparked. I was moving from a deeper place of center because my body was forcing me to do so. That deeper place is a better place. I have often tried to change myself from the outside in---creating programs, spinning my arms, setting goals. But what if I moved differently. What if I centered myself first and let the change come from my core?

Those thoughts settled into a new poem. I'm venturing back into poetry after a LONG hiatus (it has to do with middle school trauma. . more on that later.) Here you go, and with this poem I send out permission to myself and anyone that needs it: Move From the Center.

Moving Differently

Every yoga move pauses me.

Pinches me.

I wince, bracing for the pain.

closing doors

getting dishes

reaching for the milk

putting on my coat

It All Hurts.

So. . . I move differently.

From my center

I pull from within

I start from the other side.

This frustrates me.

Unless it doesn’t.

I drop the picture into a new frame and take a look.

As I become my warrior with only one arm extended

I do not blame or shame my arm that is bent.

I name it: Gift.

The gift is to move from within instead of the flailing without.

To honor my center, my soul, my movement, my pace.

And even yes, my pain.

I like that new frame. I'll hang it on my wall and begin again.

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