• Mo Reynolds

His Grace is Sufficient

For the past four years as a storyteller finding my way, I've kept my storytelling side and my own spiritual side separate, afraid of what might happen if they mingle. But, I'm realizing that if I try to separate who I am from the stories I tell, then the stories I tell won't matter. I am my stories. So, I wanted to take this space to share some thoughts I've had the opportunity to gather together and line up this week, when I was asked to take some time and speak to my congregation yesterday. It was a blessing to put it together, and I feel like it is a blessing that might help others. So, I pass it on here. (Get comfy. . . )

Last summer Daman and I had the opportunity to work with the Adventure for Youth program through BYU. We spent two weeks in toasty Moab and it was incredible. We went white water rafting, mountain biking, rock climbing, rappelling, and canyoneering. We led the youth in devotionals and helped them make connections between these adventures and the eternal truths of the gospel: obedience on the rapids and trust on the rapelling rock. I tri