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Fare thee Well, FitBit

We had a good run.

Well, mostly we had a few good walks.

I set some huge step goal a few years ago and my "prize" was a FitBit.

What is the purpose of these mechanisms? They tell you how many steps you've taken, how well you've slept, how many minutes you are in the "zone," and how often you are moving throughout the day. It is all wonderful data.

I've just realized I don't need a watch to tell me how I'm doing anymore.

I'm pretty sure I know if my heart is racing.

I am fully aware if I am moving.

And I can tell how well I slept on my own.

Somehow, we have lost the capacity to trust oursvelves. Just because science has found a way to give us feedback on how we eat, move, and sleep, we feel obligated to strap it to our wrist and have someone calculate how "good" we are. The watch vibrates at the 10,000 mark, celebrating me, reminding me that I succeeded, that I'm worthwhile, I'm winning.

This week, I questioned if I needed that pat on the back from a watch. I don't think so.

As for me and my body, we are forging on just the two of us. My scales are tucked away, only to emerge if perhaps a piece of luggage needs to be weighed. And the FitBit is headed to Facebook Marketplace. Data is wonderful, but I am going to trust the internal data a little more. I will eat when I'm hungry, I will move because it feels good, and I will walk because I want to.

I might not hit 10,000 steps a day, but I'll hit my stride and I think that will be just fine.

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