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Call me a born again calf. . because I'm (re)branded

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

I just made that up, so it is possible that it is completely inappropriate and not funny at all. But, I live in Montana so brands and cows go hand in had. And you can trust me on this because I found 14 roaming cattle in my yard, raspberry patch, and garden last week. Montana is "fence out" territory--which means the big beasts can go wherever they darn well please. This would generally be the case when you weigh over a thousand pounds anyway, I imagine.

But, back to the brand. Let's be clear: I am a storyteller.

That does not, however, mean I sit in a chair and read picture books to children. I've done that and I've loved it, but it isn't what Mo Reynolds is all about. Nope, I am about telling stories in an active engaging way, couching folk tales in personal narratives, creating a presentation peppered with both plot and philosophy, spinning yarns at festivals. . and much much more. My former website was all about "Miss Mo Storyteller" and while my YouTube channel is geared towards kids, I wanted to cast my storytelling net a bit wider. Hence the birth of "Mo Reynolds." It's still connected to Miss Mo and noone has to worry about spelling my name wrong--Morgen. My parents were in Germany, ok? I love my name, but I have countless certificates with my name spelled wrong. So, Mo seemed easier on everyone.

So, take a gander around and think hard about how storytelling might help you in:

-Your home

-Your classroom

-Your business training

-Your family reunion

-Your festival

-Your fundraiser

-Your life in general

One of my main goals in storytelling is to connect people to their own stories--to send them home re-telling a story they heard or remembering their own story to tell they haven't thought about in years. It isn't just about sitting back and listening to a storyteller, it's about all of us becoming storytellers ourselves.

But, get your own brand, this one's taken

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