Upcoming Shows and Events


What: Better Said Than Done Anniversary Show (the first one)

Where: Online of course

When: May 13, 2021, 8:00pm (EDT)

It's a night of story and celebration. Log in, get cozy, and enjoy the show! Mo will be performing with fantastic storytellers: Jessica Robinson and storytellers Nick Baskerville, Calvin S. Cato, Heather Forest, and Jack Scheer. See you there! Get your tickets here!


What: Six Feet Apart Productions "Humor-us" Show

Where: Online. . . . shocker

When: May 21st, 6:00pm (PST--you do your math)

Make sure you go to the bathroom before this show starts. Peeing your pants could be likely. Mo joins a crew of fabulously hilarious storytellers for a fantastic night of laughs. Get your tickets HERE!!