"Miss Mo was amazing and did a fabulous job! The students loved her and enjoyed her presentation and
lesson very much. I love it when Miss Mo comes because she brings a whole lesson plan!"

M. Hodik, Eureka Elementary School


Connecting with Folk Tales

I will perform a folk tale that connects with what you are studying at the time of the performance. Then, I will teach them about how to tell their own stories, focusing on the ideas of beginning, middle, and end. They will "perform" a simple story for their class and I will give some fun tips.

Montana ELA Content Standards Met:

Kindergarten: RL.K.1; RL.K.3; RL.K.10; SL.K.4; SL.K.5; SL.K.6

First Grade: RL.1.2; RL.1.3; Rl.1.4; RL.1.6; SL.1.1.b; SL.1.3; SL.1.4

Second Grade: RL.2.2; RL.2.3; RL.2.4; RL.2.5; RL.2.6


Connecting with Native American Stories

I will perform two different stories from the Native American culture that center on a similar theme. We will discuss what the stories have in common and what is different, comparing the cultures of the different tribes.

Montana ELA Content Standards Met:​

Kindergarten: RL.K.2; RI.K.4

First Grade: RL.1.4; RL.1.5; RL.1.6; RL.1.9; RI.1.3; RI.1.4


Exploring Fairy Tales Around the World

I will perform two different versions of a fairy tale. We will discuss what is the same and what is different. Then, we will brainstorm and begin the process of them coming up with their own version of a well known fairy tale. This workshop includes a lesson plan and template for the teacher to use if they choose to use this as the beginning of a writing assignments for students. 

Montana ELA Content Standards Met:

Second Grade: RL.2.9

Third Grade: RL.3.2; RL.3.3; RL3.4; RL.3.5; RL3.6

Fourth Grade: RL.4.2; RL.4.3; SL.4.1

Fifth Grade: RL.5.2; RL.5.3; SL.5.1


Need more convincing??

"The students loved it and their reactions to the stories were great. We plan to do a follow-up writing activity in class to extend what Miss Mo was doing with them. . . .It is a delight to watch/listen to Miss Mo tell stories!"

-A. Lamb, Eureka Elementary School