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Storytelling in Idaho

I have created a series of K-12 workshops that connect to specific ELA standards. Storytelling is a flexible art form, which means we can work together to create a workshop that specifically supports the work you are doing in your classroom when I come to perform. Contact me with any questions and I look forward to telling stories together.

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"Miss Mo was amazing and did a fabulous job! The students loved her and enjoyed her presentation and
lesson very much. I love it when Miss Mo comes because she brings a whole lesson plan!"

M. Hodik, Eureka Elementary School


Kindergarten-First Grade

I will perform a folk tale that connects with what you are studying at the time of the performance. Then, I will teach them about how to tell their own stories, focusing on the ideas of beginning, middle, and end. They will "perform" a simple story for their class and I will give some fun tips.

ELA Standards:










Exploring Fairy Tales Around the World

Grades 2-7

I will perform two versions of a folk or fairy tale from two different countries. We will discuss what is the same and what is different, noting how the setting and point of view change the story and its themes.

This workshop includes a grade level specific worksheet that will expand the work we began together and an optional creative writing assignment. 

Idaho ELA Content Standards:

2nd Grade:



3rd Grade:


4th Grade:


5th Grade


6th Grade


7th Grade



Fractured Fairy Tales

Grades 2-4

In this performance workshop I will perform two versions of a fairy tale: the original version and my own interpretation. We will compare and contrast the different versions and then begin the process of the students creating their own fractured fairy tales.

2nd Grade:

2.ODC. 2,4

3rd Grade:


4th Grade: 


Need more convincing??

"The students loved it and their reactions to the stories were great. We plan to do a follow-up writing activity in class to extend what Miss Mo was doing with them. . . .It is a delight to watch/listen to Miss Mo tell stories!"

-A. Lamb, Eureka Elementary School

performing FL.jpg

Personal Narratives

7th Grade

I will perform a story that blends a personal narrative with a folk or fairy tale, connected by a common theme. We will have a discussion about the similarities and then a brainstorming session and workshop to help them connect some stories from their lives to themes found in folk and fairy tales. This can then be continued through a personal narrative writing project!

Idaho Content Standard: 7.W.4


Traveling Through Tales

8th-12th Grades

I will tell two to three folk tales, fairy tales, or myths that are connected by a similar theme. We will discuss how these different narratives explore the same theme, examining the cultural influences, differences in narrator, and discuss modern storytelling efforts to explore these same themes through media and music. 

Idaho ELA Content Standards

8th Grade:

8.RC.5d, 5e

9th-10th Grades:

9/10 RC.5d,5e

11th-12th Grades:

11/12 RC.5e

download (3).jpeg

Myths and Legends

4th Grade and 9th Grade

We are more familiar with myths and legends than we think! This workshop will explore Greek, Latin, and Norse mythology, highlighting some of the common sayings and phrases we have that are grounded in these myths, reminding the students that many of the struggles and challenges they face today are both universal and timeless.

Idaho ELA Content Standards

4th Grade:

4.RC.5a, 5b

9th-10th Grades:

9/10 VD.2a

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