Humanities Montana

Humanities Montana  is a fabulous organization that brings culture, art, and engaging conversations to communities all over Montana. There are two programs available. Let's tell stories together, Montana!


Speakers in the Schools

Humanities Montana brings storytelling to your students! I blend folk tales with personal narratives and teach students how to do it as well, sharpening their critical reading skills and increasing their capacity for empathy and understanding. Just go HERE to learn more and contact me to set up a date. 


Montana Conversations

Montana Conversations is another way to bring storytelling to your community. Storytelling can bring connection and depth to events in your community. It is a wonderful fit for libraries, non-profits, and city gatherings. Learn more HERE and contact me to set up a storytelling event that is a great match for your community. 


"Mo Reynolds is amazing.  I reached out to her and--together--we planned an opening for a unit on To Kill a Mockingbird with my 10th grade English students.  We were "good to go" until... the Spring 2020 Covid-19 Shelter Place was ordered.  Mo didn't miss a beat and she and I seamlessly transitioned our plans to remote learning.  Because of the hype of having a professional story-teller coming to class and then the fact that word travels fast, the first set of students participated and shared with their friends who then enthusiastically attended the second session.  I can't wait to work with her again this year on student narrative writing (remote, hybrid or in person)!"

Al Hammel

Whitefish High School


"Your passion for life is contagious (for all ages)--you are radiant in speech, spirit, and presence. Your phrase, “Just because I fail three times, it doesn’t mean I have to fail forever” was truly life shifting for me. Thank you. Let’s cross paths again soon. And, enjoy winter!"
Nikki R. (Whitefish High School)


From Students:

Dear Mo, I really appreciate you coming in and speaking with us. I sometimes have a hard time laughing at myself, and hearing you share an "embarrassing" time in your life and laughing about it instead of trying to hide it is inspirational to me. You are very talented with words and keeping things engaging--especially for a group of teenagers. Thank you! - Ella

Dear Mo, Thank you for telling us your stories. I really liked and appreciated how you could laugh at yourself and it was ok for us to laugh too. It was overall a really fun and engaging way to teach stories and show us how fun stories can be. - Emi


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