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"Morgen was nothing short of amazing. From the very beginning, students were engaged with her
storytelling and direction. She is a true professional."

A. Cram, Glacier High School

Connecting with Stories Around the World

I will perform two different stories from two different cultures, linked together by a similar theme. We will discuss similarities in messages and differences in delivery, character, style, etc. Then, we will explore how we see ourselves in the different stories.

Image by Adolfo Félix

Connecting with Folk Tales and Fables

I will perform a pairing of a personal narrative and folk tale that center on a central theme. Then, I will lead them through a workshop writing experience to create their own pairing, using a personal experience that has a theme in common with a well known fairy tale. This workshop will include a lesson plan that a teacher can use if they wish to continue this is a writing assignment with their students.


In case you aren't convinced yet:

"The students were so impressed! I had one student who is a fairly stoic football player say that he had
teared up during Mo's last story. I had many comments of "that was cool", "I really enjoyed that" and
other positive feedback. I have even heard about the presentation from students not in the class, because my students have discussed it with their peers!"

- T. Smail. Troy High School

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